I’ve never quite understood the feeling that I always have at the end of term. As teachers we spend each day of the summer term counting down the weeks, then days, then lessons until we finally have the chance to break free of our shackles and enjoy our long Summer Break. You pass colleagues in the corridor, chirpily humming Alice Cooper choruses, as crates of resources are piled into vehicles, goodbyes are exchanged and the car-park swiftly empties in a flurry of expectation for the long summer ahead.

Yet for me personally the relief of the final period of teaching suddenly gives way to a wave of….disappointment. Every single year, without fail, I sink suddenly from elation to ennui. And it always comes as a surprise.

In only a few short days I am enjoying the lack of alarm clock and no hoards of students, but the initial reaction to the summer holidays is almost one of dread – what now?! We plough so much time and energy during the year into our teaching personas that we become one and the same. We are constantly surrounded by colleagues between the hours of 7am and 5pm, and we have a list of jobs that fluctuates in size, but never seems to conclude. Until late in July, it comes to a sudden stop.

This year, this feeling of emptiness and despair has inspired the launch of a new Blog, Modulo Maths. The ultimate plan is for this space to grow into a hub of both resources and discussion about Mathematics education in the UK (and perhaps further afield). Until then, I hope you enjoy our initial offerings in terms of our reflections on both our own classroom experiences and the research and practice happening across Mathematics education. Please comment, share, interact with us, and help us to create a space of sharing, collaboration and discussion.






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